Industry 4.0

Our Industry 4.0 partners are part of Wichita’s rich advanced manufacturing ecosystem. The aim for this track is to uncover unique innovations that improve processes, reduce costs, enhance data collection and analysis, and further advances in artificial intelligence. 

pilot competition finalists

Aclaimant (Chicago, Ill.) is an insight-driven workflow solution for safety and risk management that offers a comprehensive product suite bringing loss prevention, incident management, and analytics into one connected platform that removes complexity, saves time, and produces better outcomes.

InfraLytiks (Des Moines, Iowa) is a data analytics and automation firm specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. InfraLytiks offers proven milestone delivery for Data Fusion, Sensor-Based Data, IoT, API Integration and Full Automation projects, working with image- and text-based data from satellites, aircraft, drones, vehicles, and hand-held devices for analysis including HD, 3D, Thermal, LiDAR, Telemetry and Structured Light.

ISPredict (Saarbrucken, Germany) offers self-learning artificial intelligence for Industry 4.0 applications, allowing for the automation of data science without dependence on Data Scientists for businesses that need predictive analytic quality in production, maintenance, energy / CO2 Reduction, logistics and other applications.

Kenzen (New York City) is the premier physiological monitoring platform with a smart patch front-end that predicts and prevents heat, fatigue and overexertion injuries for workforces around the globe.

RealityBLU (Beloit, Wisc. — also a finalist in FinTech) is a SaaS solution that delivers augmented reality tools for marketers to improve their marketing performance and metrics. RealityBLU’s scalable platform eliminates the technical barrier to implement and measure AR content, allowing marketers to attract and delight more customers.

Sticker Control (Denver, Colo.) is a SaaS system that helps small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors track and control physical assets, automates error-prone and time-consuming manual processes, and makes it easy to collect and analyze data.  Our focus is to deliver 80 percent of the functionality of the high-end systems at less than 20 percent of the cost and complexity.

Qore Technologies (Prague, Czech Republic) offers a unique transaction-sure Digital Automation Platform that enables companies to dramatically reduce costs and exponentially increase business scalability through high-quality end-to-end OT/IT automation.

Unmanned Life (London, U.K.) is the global multi-award-winning AI for Autonomy SaaS platform enabling industries to be fully autonomous. Unmanned Life deploys Autonomy-as-a-Service over wireless networks, including 5G, for Industry 4.0 uses such as supply chain logistics, telecommunications, public safety, smart cities and manufacturing.

Viaanix (Wichita, Kan.) strives to provide a complete, end-to-end solution to customers in the IoT industry. Unique in its scope, Viaanix manufactures both hardware and software, with an IoT platform that seamlessly integrates with all third-party hardware available in the market.

Virtual Systems Engineering (Iowa City, Iowa) focuses on software for visualizing, coordinating, and integrating various aspects of printed-circuit-board (PCB) design and analysis.