The fintech track is geared at equipping our industry partners with innovative, transformative tools to improve the services they provide their customers and the ways they serve our community.

pilot competition finalists

Bellwethr (Wamego, Kan.) is an AI software provider that helps banks grow customer lifetime value throughout each customer’s journey.

Datanomers (Freehold, N.J.) was spun-off from IPsoft and builds on the Amelia AI – NLP platform to offer a Financial Risk Profiler that assesses commercial customers, a Customer Insight Manager to flag customers’ unresolved issues, and a Document Insight Profiler that mines contracts for actionable information.

Destiny (Kansas City, Mo.) is a customer engagement platform that empowers banks and credit unions to grow revenue digitally with their current customers.

FinGoal(Boulder, Colo.) builds AI-powered tools for financial institutions. Their flagship FinSightAPI identifies opportunities for consumer account holders to save money without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Griffin (Overland Park, Kan.) makes banking personal. By giving community banks & credit unions a leg up in the 21st Century, Griffin Technologies improves client relationships, increases sales, and enables them to compete with large financial institutions.

Home Lending Pal (Raleigh, N.C.) offers a groundbreaking Automated Mortgage Advisor that simulates requesting a mortgage from multiple lenders to determine approval odds and calculates affordability based on lifestyle. Merging online data from trusted sources to streamline pre-qualification and documentation, the platform simplifies the home-buying process with data-driven workflows, AI and blockchain technology.

Realflow (New York City) is a Customer Experience Automation platform empowering contact center agents to deliver hyper-personalized and fast service to multiple customers simultaneously, aided by fully-integrated Artificial Intelligence and a Collaboration Platform that allows agents to send documents and forms for review and completion on mobile devices.

RealityBLU (Beloit, Wisc. — also a finalist in Industry 4.0) is a SaaS solution thatdelivers augmented reality tools for marketers to improve their marketing performance and metrics. RealityBLU’s scalable platform eliminates the technical barrier to implement and measure AR content, allowing marketers to attract and delight more customers.

Relativity6 (Cambridge, Mass.), founded at MIT, is a machine learning/AI platform enabling enterprises to accurately predict when their business and consumer customers are most likely to churn as well as the optimal action to retain them. Coupled with a cross-sell recommendation algorithm and easily integrated platform, Relativity6 is able to reduce monthly churn by 1% on average.

SimBlox (Wichita, Kan.) is a digital fintech sales platform delivering repeat insurance and wealth sales at each user’s financial moment of truth. It offers an ecosystem of products distributed through traditional financial companies that creates a fully adaptive user experience, guiding users toward financial wellness.

V2verify (Omaha, Neb.) offers a voice biometric technology that can eliminate the need for passwords, PINs, and challenge questions with 99%+ accuracy, while requiring just 2-seconds of speech.  Our solution can improve security, enhance the user experience, and reduce operational costs in areas such as financial services, contact centers and enterprise identity & access management.